Free Fire has perhaps the best corrective among versatile fight royale games and its engineers, Garena, are notable for their liberality with regards to giving out free characters and beauty care products through in-game occasions.

Players can purchase in-game beauty care products and weapon skins utilizing precious stones (in-game cash) however they would need to go through genuine cash to buy these jewels.

Luckily for players, Garena are presently giving a brilliant chance to the clients to gain free jewels just by detailing a few bugs in the development workers of Free Fire.

Procuring free jewels in Free Fire utilizing advance workers

Free Fire players have a chance to play in the development workers, where they won’t just experience pre-delivered content however will likewise get free jewels by detailing bugs to the engineers.

To do this, players first need to enlist themselves in the Free Fire advance worker and download the game while the workers are on the web.

You can likewise follow our manual for register yourself in the most recent development worker of Free Fire. As there are a set number of spots in the development workers, players will simply need to seek after the best when they register.

On the off chance that you do make the cut, here is the means by which you can acquire jewels in the game:

1) Players should discover bugs in the game and report them on the site through their records. They will be remunerated 100 jewels for every bug detailed.

2) If you are working in groups and have revealed countless bugs, you will be qualified for an excellent prize of 3000 jewels.


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