How do I get the ‘M416’ Glacier skin for free permanently in PUBG Mobile

So how I got it ?

Nothing but karma I’d state. The best way to get Glacier skin is great carton. You can open it for nothing by gathering exemplary case coupons.

Instructions to get those for nothing ?

Check accomplishments which give you carton coupons or scrap coupons for great box (10 piece coupon =1 box coupon ). Sounds hard right at that point read second one.

Everday you can purchase 5 pieces of exemplary carton utilizing silver sections (how ? Go to shop at that point recover in reclaim you’ll see it at base). So at regular intervals you’ll get 1 case coupon. Additionally there are such huge numbers of occasions going on which give you legitimately carton coupon or scraps in 4–5 days you can without much of a stretch gather 5–6 case coupons.

Gather atleast 10 coupon and open each of the individually there is high possibility of getting the skin.

At long last its matter of karma! All the best !

I got UMP skin and this head protector additionally from great case in length of 3 days.

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