Seson 14 Royal pass Winner

PUBG Mobile has authoritatively empowered the Royal Pass for Season 14 ‘Flash the Flame.’ The new season starts today which implies that you would now be able to buy the Elite Royale Pass and get additional missions and prizes.

Please Wait 30 Seconds! While Its Completed

You have to wait 30 seconds.

As revealed before the new season brings fire and fire roused in-game things and by the vibes of the trailer it appears to proceed with the entire Mad Max motivated dystopian setting. The absolute generally conspicuous in-game things incorporate the new Commander Set that can be updated as you progress, Rose Unicorn Helmet, and the Avian Tyrant set that opens at RP 100. To praise the second Anniversary of Royale Pass, the Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter-themed prizes from Season 5 will make a rebound.

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